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4 Reasons why you should install solar right now

As country and state-wide restrictions to help combat Coronavirus disease (COVID- 19) are now in place, here’s some brighter news on the benefits of installing solar right now and some tips on how to leverage this.

1. Home energy bills are likely to rise.

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, it looks like more Aussies than ever will be staying in over the next few weeks, or months. This means your home energy bills are likely to rise. Another factor to consider is the approaching winter which normally translates into an increase in the energy bill. Installing solar can help offset both of these factors, plus some solar users will be able to further optimise their energy usage by running home appliances in the day when there is peak sunshine.

2. Solar could help your customers save money especially if they are concerned about long-term finances.

The earlier a person starts saving on solar, the earlier the long-term benefits can be realised. Double this up with a Brighte Payment Plan or Loan* (Our finance partner) which is paid off in fortnightly repayments, rather than dipping into savings, your dream of powering your home using solar energy could become a reality.

3. Installs are on the roof, not in the home.

Social distancing is every Australian’s responsibility right now. Fortunately for our solar installers, it is easier to enact this while working, as installs take place on your roof.

4. Locking solar in before a potential lockdown.

If Australia goes into lockdown this may mean we are unable to continue with solar installations. Meaning you won’t be able to enjoy most of the benefits of solar amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence it is best to lock in solar NOW.

So how can you leverage these benefits?

1. Simply email us at or call us on +61 3 8398 0838.

2. Get first hand information of these benefits, plus any additional incentives such as Victorian state rebates by calling us.

3. There are rewards to be won, e.g. a gift card for every successful referral and every complete installation.

4. Connecting to the grid as quickly as possible after install.

We do all the work, you enjoy the benefits!

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