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Harnessing the sun via the process of converting sunlight into electricity using PV systems produces zero greenhouse gas emissions. Excess electricity can be directed into the grid, delivering a feed-in payment, or it can be stored in a rechargeable battery for later use. Batteries can also provide back-up power in the event of blackouts.

A solar PV and battery system offers the potential of off-grid energy self-sufficiency. It’s also a major step in the transition away from fossil fuels. Cosmic Solar embraces the transition to renewable and sustainable energy production for both our planet and our children.

If you have an ABN, your premises may be eligible for commercial solar. Whatever industry you’re in, solar power could potentially deliver real cost savings to your business. Solar power is an affordable way to lower your electricity costs and it could also help improve the green credentials of your business and make your building more attractive to prospective tenants or buyers.



Quite simply, if your business can afford to pay its electricity bills, it can most likely afford the cost of commercial solar power. Let Cosmic Solar help you understand the process and assist with your transition.

Long-lasting benefits for your business

Solar power could potentially deliver long term cost savings to your business. Cosmic Solar will help you understand Solar PV for your business needs, and can also talk to you about battery storage solutions to manage your energy usage.  


Take advantage of government renewable energy incentives

Financial incentives based on Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) or incentives from Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) can help with the cost of installing solar. In some cases you may be eligible for part or all of these incentives. The Cosmic Solar Team will assist with accessing, advising and all required paperwork to ensure you get the maximum benefits available.

At Cosmic Solar, we're with you through every step to ensure you enjoy ALL the benefits of Solar energy!

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