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Good News - the upward power output trend for Solar Energy technology continues.

Trina Solar has been producing its 500 W modules in series for a month now and plans to increase their output to more than 600 W in the future.

Trina's Vertex PV module.

Image: Trina Solar

An independent test by Germany’s TÜV Rheinland has confirmed a power output of 515.8 W for Trina’s new Vertex PV module series. “It passed the IEC test for photovoltaic modules from TÜV Rheinland and received both certification according to the performance standard IEC 61215 for PV modules and the safety standard IEC 61730 for PV modules,” said the Chinese module maker on Monday.

Trina Solar launched the 500 W module at the end of February. In mid-March, following the start of commercial production, t

, with the first high-performance modules going to Sri Lanka.

The PERC monocrystalline bifacial solar module series consists of Duomax V panels with glass-glass structures, while the Tallmax V features a glass-backsheet frame.

The modules are based on large-format 210-millimeter silicon wafers, third-party solar cells, multi-bus bars and monocrystalline PERC cell technology. Trina claims to have created an innovative cell design combining advanced third-party devices, a non-destructive cutting process and high packing density.

“Trina Solar’s Vertex module has passed the comprehensive and rigorous test by TÜV Rheinland with industry-leading output reaching 515.8W,” said Chris Zou, vice president of solar services, TÜV Rheinland Greater China. “This fully demonstrates Trina Solar’s prowess in R&D and industrial chain support accumulated over the years.”

“With the development and improvement of the industry chain, especially the improvement in glass supply capacity, adding another column of cells to the existing five-column layout design can increase the Vertex module’s power output to more than 600 W,” said Trina’s vice general manager and EVP, Yin Rongfang, adding, “Furthermore, with PERC+ cell conversion efficiency anticipated to surpass 24%, combined with other factors such as the optimization in module design, improvements in load capacity as well as downstream installation, the Vertex modules’ power output will continue to increase.”

According to Trina, compared to conventional 410 W bifacial modules, the Duomax V in particular can reduce balance of system costs for large scale PV projects by 6-8%, and the levelized cost of electricity generated by such facilities 3-4%. The company calculated this for a solar PV power plant in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, but did not specify its size.

Credit PV Magazine & original article - here

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