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Solar Credits

What is Solar Credits?

Solar Credits was created by the Australian Government to provide additional support to households, businesses and community groups that install solar power systems.

Solar Credits are in the form of tradable certificates created for your solar power system, known as STCs (small-scale technology certificates).

Cosmic Solar offers you a discount on the price of your system in return for its STCs (which are on-sold to electricity retailers). So effectively, through Solar Credits the government subsidises the upfront cost of your system. The level of support provided by Solar Credits depends on the size and location of the system.

How does Solar Credits work?

When you decide to install a solar power system, you can assign your STCs to Cosmic Solar in return for Cosmic Solar discounting the price of your system by the total value of the STCs.

STCs work in the same way as share certificates, representing a specific unit of value that fluctuates according to supply and demand in the market. Businesses buy STC's from the open market as a form of carbon offset.

The number of STCs allocated to a system is dependent on its location or ‘zone’ (see below) – the area of Australia where the system is to be installed. In areas where there is more sunlight, and therefore more renewable energy produced by a solar power system, the system is allocated more STCs.

For more information about Solar Credits, visit the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator website.

To get an estimate on a Cosmic Solar power system, click here.

What are installation zones?

For ease of allocating certificates, Australia is divided into four solar zones based on climate. The number of STCs allocated to any solar system depends on the zone where it will be installed. This system aims to recognise locations that provide great sunlight, and therefore greater capacity to produce renewable energy. Australia's major cities fall into the following zones.

Zone 1: Coober Pedy (SA)
Zone 2: Geraldton (WA)
Zone 3: Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns and Canberra
Zone 4: Melbourne and Hobart

However, a zone can include regions from numerous states.

You can use the STC Rating Zone chart to determine which zone you fall into.

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